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Cleaning your home or office is hard work !​​​ Finding a reliable cleaning service to clean your home or office can be harder- that is until Maid No.1.
At Maid No.1 we only have professional cleaners who provide the best service- it doesn't get better than us !
Our cleaners have great references and strive to provide you with the best cleaning job they possibly can.
So the next time you just dread the idea of cleaning out the garage or cleaning the office for the company party, then consider hiring Maid No.1. You won't be disappointed.

You deserve a break. We all work hard and we are all so busy. Sometimes it is just so hard to come home after a busy day at work and after taking care of your family. So even if it's just once in a while or once a month, go ahead treat yourself and choose one our fantastic cleaning services - you deserve it! Our cleaners are happy to come out to your home and help with your cleaning - even if it's only one time!

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Finding a Maid No.1 service is quick- if you decide you just can't clean the house this week, then simply call or email us to receive our professional attention

​​​​​At Maid No.1, we believe that you deserve the best quality service which is why we make every effort to ensure that our cleaners provide you with the best service. If any of our cleaners receives even one legitimate negative feedback, then they no longer work for us.

At Maid No.1 We are dedicated to providing quality services and products.

​​​Cleaning with Natural Products is gentler to the enviroment, and better for your home and your family.​​​​

Your home is unique. Therefore, our cleaning service is customized to your particular needs. Communication is very important to us, so we pay attention to any specific wishes you have about certain items in your home. If there are special antiques that you would like to have cleaned in a certain way, or perhaps that you do not want us to touch at all, please let us know during your initial consultation.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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